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BBQ Marinade (grill ’n chill season)

It’s time for grill ’n chill or it’s just my grandma’s 80th birthday tomorrow and I was hired for taking control of the grill. I captured family’s leadership in grilling many years ago and it is my duty to treat them to some fine food now. That is why I’ll do some special for the clan as every time I did. And YEAH, summer is back! 🙂 Now, I preparing something for tomorrow and it is….tatatata… a fresh, tasty and traditional BBQ MARINADE for juicy grillables!!!

Things for your next shopping list:

First, braise onions lightly with some olive oil. Add the other ingredients to the glassy onions and boil it for the next 15 minutes. Finally, brush the meat with it and put it in the fridge for one day when you need it.

Dieser Beitrag wurde erstellt am 10. Juni 2013 von Christian Schwarz (chriz)

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